About Us

Wise County is located in North Texas, near the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  It covers approximately 900 square miles with a population estimated at 65,000 living in and around some 18 towns and communities.

Wise County EMS provides emergency pre-hospital care as well as critical care and non-emergency transfers for the entire county. We have a staff consisting of 30 full-time and 15 part-time EMTs and Paramedics.

We staff 4 Full-time MICU level ambulances, a Rescue Unit that is operated by a shift supervisor and secondary medic 24/7, and a part-time MICU unit which is in service Monday through Friday from 0900-1900.  Our units are staffed by an EMT-B/EMT-I and a Paramedic working 24 hour shifts on a 24(on)/48(off) schedule.

EMS Administrator:  Charles Dillard B.S., LP, FF

Medical Director:  Dr. Roger Leaton D.O.

A Shift Supervisor: Randall Preuninger EMT-P, FF

B Shift Supervisor: Kirstie Caruthers RN, EMT-P

C Shift Supervisor: Brandon Daughtery EMT-P, FF

Supply Coordinator: Jason Paradise EMT-P, FF (C Shift)

Training Coordinator: Brandon Sutter EMT-P, FP-C, FF (B Shift)

We have 3 stations within the county:

Station 1:  DecaturMedic 1, Medic 4, Medic 5 & Rescue 1 (Shift Supervisor/Secondary EMT-P)

Station 2:  BridgeportMedic 2

Station 3:  Boyd – Medic 3